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Family and friends.

The way things were.

Your social and family situation before EGPA is personal but if you are like many sufferers you had a very active life with plenty of friends and at least some close family. Maybe you played sports, had regular trips to the countryside and so on!


All of that is going to change in varying degrees. Some of your friends are going to step back, maybe concerned that they might get new responsibilities or perhaps because they are unable to deal with the situation. You will also, if you are wise, make new friends who feel comfortable with you and your condition.[1]


We hope that family will stick with you closer and longer but it's not always the case. Some sufferers experience the break-up of close relationships and even marriage due to EGPA.[2] If you think you might end up in this type of difficulty, it's best to get professional help sooner rather than later.

Make an action list.


Your list will be a result of your own circumstance but here are some suggestions, just to get you thinking

  • ☑ What tasks can I now do around the home. Do them as often as possible to share the workload.
  • ☑ Can I try something new? Do I need any special aids to help this?
  • ☑ Learn to manage your own and others expectations.
  • ☑ Now and again try something that will delight your partner or a dear friend.
  • ☑ Write your feelings down, talk through with someone close.
  • ☑ Think about what your priorites are now in your new situation.Communicate.

Write it down, tick it off and write some more. Share your ideas on social media!

Not a one way street.


Underestimating the impact of your condition and medication on your own demeanour is easy to to. EGPA will make you tired and the corticosteroids will make you moody!

Don't forget that this is not just about you! Your friends and family will also be confused and devastated by what has happened. Their concern can easily be misinterpreted :-

  • They will ask you when you are going to get better and you wont be able to tell them.
  • They will tell you you are looking good, when you feel lousy!
  • They will give you advice about how to live, what food to eat and what amazing remedy they read about in the Sunday paper.

It will all make you irritated at best but they are only trying to help.

Rôle reversal.

Try to think how you would react, if the roles were reversed!

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