In the Library.

The challenge.

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Reading the literature.

Why are you here?

Perhaps because you want to learn, find out something more about yourself or to help others.

Reading the latest research seems a good plan until you start picking up the odd article. Many research based publications are very specific in their objectives and highly technical, which for most of us mortals means that the content can be confusing or difficult to understand.

To compound the problem, even though there is relatively little EGPA literature, reading though it all is still a daunting task.

What can you do?

Don't assume that understanding is out of reach. Through your experience you probably know as much as anyone about the practical challenges presented by EGPA and a little theory and other background information will help provide some colour to the grey landscape

Where are the answers?

We need answers to the wider questions, but to get what we need will take patience and perseverance.

Type of questions we would like answered →
  • Is this the right medication for me?
  • Is this thing normal?
  • Will I fully recover?
Issues addressed by research →
  • Comparison of alternative medication regimes.
  • Long term studies on various groups.
  • Prognosis factors.
  • Individual case studies.

Working with the data.

Considering the factors.

Some papers on EGPA go back as far as the 1950's when our understanding of the disease, it's prognosis and treatment were very different than today.

In addition to the changes over time, there are varying degrees of research quality and many other factors to take into consideration. [3][4]

We should not assume therefore, that any given paper contains incontrovertible evidence on a particular subject.

At the other end of the scale and in common with other rare diseases, there a lack of case data for EGPA which can even leave doctors with little to go on other than intuition and rules of thumb. [5]

Being diligent

Diligence needs to be exercised for these and various other reasons,to assess the currency and relevance of individual papers.

Though most of us are not doctors or skilled in the practice of pure research, it should not put us off knowing what is going on, in order to have some idea of the potential impact on our own lives.

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