Managing EGPA in a Nutshell.

Get off to a good start.

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Getting the right diagnosis and rapid treatment are vital steps in the process of bringing EGPA under control. Do not rest until you are comfortable with these and your medical team. You will probably need to put many things on hold in the meantime.

If you think you may have EGPA, be persistent with your doctors in trying to verify or rule out Vasculitis and EGPA in particular. EGPA is rare and easily misdiagnosed so you will need to be your own advocate during the diagnostic process. Early diagnosis and treatment is generally the key to better outcomes.

Check through the commonly used criteria here.

Once EGPA is confirmed, make sure you find a Vasculitis specialist, preferably at a centre of excellence and educate yourself on the protocols for treatment and latest guidelines. The Vasculitis Charity or Foundation in your country will be very helpful and online support groups will provide the benefit of personal experience but remember they are not doctors and do not know your medical detail.

Your disease severity will dictate the required treatment. Your doctor should explain about medications and any procedures proposed. Let your doctor know any concerns and ask about the pros and cons of different choices. An honest and open relationship with your doctor is very important and of course consult your doctor before starting or stopping medicines.

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