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St Bernard.

The tradition.

A hospice for travellers was founded in 1049 a.d. by St. Bernard of Menthon which later became famous for its use of St. Bernard dogs in rescue operations. Unfortunately you will not be getting the reviving brandy alleged to be carried by these noble creatures, rather something less interesting but more life saving.[8]

Your task.

Your medication is of prime importance in the fight to get your body back to some kind of natural order and you should work closely with your medical team to ensure that it is effective.

Always ask your doctor!.

Get back to your doctor or consultant if any medication disagrees with you, there might be alternatives and make sure your consultant is aware of all the medication you are using, even natural remedies. Its all important data.

Don't stop any medication without consultation. For example, immune suppressants are often central to your recovery and some medications like corticosteroids can give bad withdrawal symptoms if suddenly stopped.

Get medicated!.

Read the small print.

The small print inside every drug packet is important. Always read it.

The side effects list can be a bit daunting but many people do not suffer any side effects or only get mild ones.

Check whether the drug clashes with any other medication you use and clarify with your doctor if there is an issue.

Re-order meds in good time.

Make sure you have enough medication to last for longer than you need to get replacements, You dont want to run out!

Make your meds routine.

Get into a fixed routine, it will be better for your body and there will be less chance of forgetting to take something.[9]

Get back to normal.

Well, as normal as possible!

We would all like to get back to normal but there will be a new kind of normal. Unfortunately its likely that medication of some type will be required for many years.

Many have been here before you and have found ways to deal with the issues that long term use of different medications present.


Once your system has settled down, your doctor will start to taper some of your medications. In some cases they might be entirely stopped.

Long term

You will have your own needs but, to give an example, it is fairly normal to end up on a low dose of corticosteroids to keep asthma and eosinophils under control. Be prepared to discuss the options and risk factors with your consultant.

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