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The approach in some of the data is to summarise, put into non technical language and when appropriate, provide links for further reading. This sometimes means that something will be lost along the way so if you really need to know about a subject in depth there is no option but to read further. Links are make to sites that considered 'sound' but those sites are responsible for their own content. Please refer to the disclaimer for more detail.

Please make contact at if there is anything you would like adding.


The huge efforts of individuals, charities, institutions and commercial organisations who provide highly informative and technically precise data on EGPA and related diseases is recognised.

It would be pointless to simply duplicate this, so this is generally not done unless it is absolutely necessary. In these cases the source is clearly recognised but if you believe there is plagiarised material on this site, please advise.

Knowledge is power.

Some of the material in this section is highly technical but it is included not only for those who have the relevant background but also for those who simply like to know what terrific work is going on behind the scenes.

Conversely much of the material is highly educational and easily understood so even if you think you would prefer to give this section a miss, try to get into it at some point. Your step by step improvement in knowledge will surely help over time in making the right choices concerning taking charge of EGPA in your life.